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Support for a NodeRed plugin or MQTT – is vital in my honest opinion :-)

It would be really nice to have the ability to use NodeRed using a plugin for legrand OR at least MQTT – if MQTT is available then NodeRed already supports this.


I am able to connect the rest of my smart items to node red either by plugins or MQTT – but legrand has nothing.


I can connect smartthings to nodered and get a list of its devices etc but legrand valena con netatmo does not support smartthings as far as I know.



Hi again Ian,

Thanks for your proposition !

Unfortunately, our APIs are not MQTT exposed. But it’s a really interesting idea, I forwarded it to the teams

Have a good day,

Leslie – Community Manager

yes, this is best idea because the system i to much closed for connection with others devices. Best option is to open by Local Network then integration will be more easily.



The MQTT option would be great to integrate with other systems.

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