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Trouble getting access_token


Having trouble getting access_token.


Sent GET request to client ID used here&response_type=code&state=28AC7583FA5A&redirect_uri=:


Getting error:

{"error":["server_error"],"error_description":["AADB2C90107: The application with ID '<<actual client ID used here>>' cannot get an ID token either because the openid scope was not provided in the request or the application is not authorized for it.\r\nCorrelation ID: 9892af7f-c5f5-486a-9331-f4b1af4016be\r\nTimestamp: 2020-04-01 05:10:28Z\r\n"]}

Unable to know where I'm doing wrong. Requesting your valuable guidance.


Anil K Chikkam

Hi Anil,

Could you please send me - with your authorization of course - via the contact form the exact URL you are using (with the correct client_id) ?

Thanks and have a good day,

Leslie - Community Manager


Looking forward for your valuable reply.



Anil K Chikkam

Hi Anil,

We think that's it's due to a misconfiguration on our side during the validation process

We are investigating with the dev team, I warn you via email once it's corrected

Have a good day,

Leslie - Community Manager

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