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Unable to get plantId with Classe 300X13E API


I can’t retrieve my plantId using the GET Plants of Classe 300X13E API : I always get a 401 Unauthorized response.

I selected the Authorization code option in ELIOT – Azure AD B2C – OpenID Connect and logged in, but no success.

Is there something I’m missing?


Hello Pierre,

Do you have this error code ? :
"statusCode": 401,
"message": "Unauthorized. Supplied access token is invalid."

When you click on “Authorization code” in “OpenID Connect”, a window opens asking you to fulfill your email adress and password. Are those information correct ?
After that, an authorization bearer token is generated and automatically added in “Authorization” in the header section.

Have a good day,
Leslie – Community Manager

Hi Leslie!

No, only :

"statusCode": "401",
"message": "Unauthorized"

And yes, my email and pw are correct…


Hello Pierre,

After talking to the development team in charge of the API it seems that there is missing a link in the Door Entry application to link your account to your application.
They will fix it in a next release of Door Entry application, I will know next week when it will be available.
So for the moment we decided to delete temporarily the C300X API from the Works with Legrand because it can’t be used properly.
I’ll let you know as soon as I have more information.

Really sorry for inconveniance.

Have a good day,
Leslie – Community Manager

Hi! I noticed the same problem. The availability of the updated C300X API are expected to be available when?

Hello everyone,

For information, the iOS version of Door Entry application is published with the account linking option.
We are still waiting for the Android application to be updated.
The development team is currently working on it. When it will be OK we will republish the API and SDK.
I try to see with the teams if I can have a more precise availability date.

Have a good day,
Leslie – Community Manager

Hello everyone,

Good news: the API and SDK are now back!
You will find an “account linking” option in your Android/iOS Door Entry application’s interface.
Once the link is done, you will be able to use properly the API and SDK.

Have a good day,
Leslie – Community Manager


I tried to test the new Android SDK available, but I get the error 401 again:
2019-04-22 10:46:22.753 26465-26495/com.legrandgroup.c300x.sdkdemo E/EliotPlantListFragment: Got Exception while adding plants
java.lang.Exception: Unauthorized[401]: {“statusCode”:”401″,”message”:”Unauthorized”}
at com.legrandgroup.c300x.sdkdemo.fragments.EliotPlantListFragment$

I confirmed the data (client_id, secret and api_subscription_key) that are correct and placed in config.xml.

Including in the site referring to the API List of “300X13E Class” when doing “GET Plants” with “Authorization Code” I only get “401 Unauthorized”

The equipment I have “Class 300X” is only working well with the PlayStore app
“Door Entry for CLASSE300X” where I activated third-party access, and the consent list includes my app.

Can you help?

Thank you.

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Now it’s ok!

It seems to me that it took some time to apply the third party access permission to the app.

Thank you.


I would like to use your API to open my gate. I have been able to get the PlantId but I don-t know hoe to get the deviceId.

Could you please help



Hello Floriano,

With a GET Topology you will retrieve the ID of your device :


Have a good day,

Leslie – Community Manager

Hi Leslie,

I have a question about this information:
“You will find an ‘account linking’ option in your Android/iOS Door Entry application interface.
Once the link is done, you will be able to use properly the API and SDK.”

Is this the only way to associate devices with our application created through the SDK?
Or is it possible to add new equipment directly through our application?

Thank you.


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  • This reply was modified 9 months, 1 week ago by  IOLine.

Hello Alex,

I was waiting for the confirmation from the development team, but yes : the only way to associate devices with your application is to make an account linking through Door Entry application

Have a good day,

Leslie – Community Manager

Hi Leslie,

Thanks for the answer.

We are considering integrating the SDK into our smart home application to allow customers to also have access to their video equipment.

The answer confirms that each customer will have to use the Door Entry app to “account linking” the device to our developer account. But in this process it is required to login with our developer account, obviously that we can not provide the data from our account to customers. Is there no other possible method?

After the “account linking” assuming the effect will join all the equipment to our account, using the SDK it will list and give access to all the equipment in our application, in this case how it is possible to make the presentation and separation of the equipment by client?

Thank you.


Hi Alex,

Here some generic and specific information about the C300X :

The account linking from Door Entryâ official app is a user prerequisite
The application creation on WWL and API subscription to get his own key is a developer prerequisite
Then, you have to manage and implement the OAuth2 user sign-in flow in your application. You can follow the tutorial here :

Once done, C300X SDK will work just using end-user equipment and not ‘call the equipment’ of your developer account

Just to clarify : the end-user must have and use the official Door Entry app for initial C300X installation with his own Door Entry app account

Here is a graphic flow to summarize it :




Hoping it’s now more clear for you !

Have a good day,

Leslie – Community Manager

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