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Unable to link Bticino/Legrand Classe 300x account to my developer account

Hi guys,

I'm struggling in completing "third party apps" activity on "Door Entry" for Classe 300 intercom.

I'd like to use Apis but "Third party apps" feature doesn't complete and sticks on a spinning wheel forever.

I tried to link accounts both on iPhone version and Android version with similar results.

Tried to contact bticino without success (they bounced me to this forum).


Any hints to solve the issue? This should be a platform problem, not something related to my mobile phone for sure.


Hi Oreste,

I assume you followed the process described in FAQ "How can I associate my Smarther or C300X13E account to my WWL account?" ( ?

Can you please tell me at which moment of the process (wich click) you are stuck on this spinning wheel ?

Thanks and have a good day,

Leslie - Community Manager

Hi Leslie,

I made a couple of videos with Android phones and iPhone to let you understand better:

Here they are:


- I Open Door Entry App

- Account | Third Party Access | ->

- Insert my username and password and get authenticated

- Spinning wheel forever....


Thanks for these precise information

We don't reproduce the issue on our side. Can you please :

  • Redo the association you sent me via video on your phone (Android, or iOS, but not the 2)
  • Directly go to "Help" > "Send log" or something like "describe the problem" (I don't know the italian translation) without doing other operation
  • Quickly describe the issue (you can mention that you already talked to me)
  • Warn me once it's done

We will be able to access logs to investigate

Thanks and have a good day,

Leslie - Community Manager

Hi Leslie, sorry for late reply.

I completed the steps you mentioned and sent logs few seconds ago through DoorEntry android app.

Looking forward to your feedback,


Hi leslie, no updates on this issue?

I'm still unable to register my account for third party apps.

Have you received my logs?



Hi Oreste,

I confirm you that it's received by my Italian colleagues. Up to them now to investigate, but with holidays I don't think unfortunately that it will be quick

Meanwhile, I can tell you that we didn't reproduce this bug on our side and we didn't receive any other complaints with third-party account linking. While waiting for more information from developer's, I advise you - if it's not done yet - to try to uninstall the app, clean data in your parameters, reinstall it ...

Have a good day,

Leslie - Community Manager

Hi leslie,

Just to confirm that i've been able to link accounts through my iPhone.

Android version is still unable to link them, showing spinning wheel.

Anyway, I can now start developing my integrations.


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