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Use master (home/away) switch with Netatmo valves

Hello. I’m wondering – Since it’s possible to modify heating schedules from Netatmo Energy, in Home+ Control, why it’s impossible to use home/away switch to change operating modes on netatmo TRV’s/smart thermostat.

Use case:

I’m leaving my home. Pressing home/away switch, right next to the door should change operating mode from DEFAULT to AWAY.


I’m going to sleep. I have day/night switch, right next to my bed. Pressing this one should change operating mode from DEFAULT, to ENERGY SAVING

Hello Igor,

Netatmo teams are working to integrate in the future more possible native interactions between Home + Control solution and Netatmo’s devices via the Home + Control application

But for the moment, I have no more information to provide about a roadmap and what will be exactly possible to do

Have a good day,

Leslie – Community Manager

Howdy. Anything changed in this matter? 🙂

Hi Igor,

A first step was made by allowing to set automations with your Home + Control device when a Legrand SCS device is installed (myhomeserver1 or Classe 300EOS)

A second step is planned for 2023 to create Smart automations for Home + Control devices when a condition is met on another device or when a condition on the weather outside the home is met

The third step should be to bring more automation between Legrand/Bticino Home + Control devices and Netatmo devices, but for the moment I still don’t have visibility about the possibilities and concerned devices

Have a good day,

Leslie – Community Manager

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