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Using C300X API not on smartphone

Hi, I'm playing with C300X Api, but I want to use it from a python PC application, not on smartphone.

When will you release an open API implementation?

The current options are very limiting.

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Hi Tommaso,

For security reasons, the C300X API requires to use the Android/iOS SDK. So, it is possible to use it only for Smartphones

It is not planned to allow the use for desktop, but I forward this idea to the development team

Have a good day,

Leslie - Community Manager

Thanks for the reply.

Sincerly, i can't understand the "security reasons" point.

The API are authenticated/authorized via OAuth2 so it should be enough secure on its own.

It's a pity because the integration with a desktop environment would open to a lot a possibilities (think of integration in home hub like HomeAssistant/OpenHAB/NodeRED etc...)


It will be very great to be able to use API with REST.

I search to connect my domotic with 300X13E

Or someone will end up reverse engineering the protocol...

I mean, Java bytecode is easily decompilable  😀

  • This reply was modified 2 years, 6 months ago by Tommaso Sala.

Yes, using the API with REST would be great. It's sad that this possibility has not been thought.

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