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Valena Life – Roller Shutter with several improvements/requests

I have the Valena Life with Netatmo for almost a year, but the following “options” on the roller shutters I really miss everyday all over in my house.

1) Stop Command

I’m wondering that I have a stop button for the roller shutter on the wall switches and also in Home&Control App, but neither in Homekit nor in Amazon Alexa.

Especially for blinds it’s helpful not just to have fully open or fully close.

btw. in Home Assistant via Homekit it works to stop the roller shutter by set the position to 50% (0 to close, 100 to open, all in beetween doesn’t work).

2) Logic of long/short pressing the wall switch

Possibility to change the logic of wall switches to the oppsosite: short press=turn blinds just as long as hold the button. Long press = automatic run fully close oder fully open

At the moment it’s not really posssible to turn just the blinds for 0.5-2sec

3) incorect operations with the rocker

on the wall switches, the stop button is not a seperate button, more a simultaneos press on up and down on the rocker. Therefore, incorrect operations often occur by trying to stop and not press precise and hard enough the center area of the button. Example: try to stop the shutter while opening in automatic mode (to fully open)

– press the open button again –> shutter continue to open

– press the lower button –> shutter change direction to close

So really often we try to stop the shutter, nothing happens, or the it goes the other way.

Why not using the first press in automatic closing/opening mode as a stop command?

4) roller shutter position

using certain position of the shutter, or also a favourite Preset would be awesome Position 0-100% based on the total runtime, which could be measured manually. Then it should be easy to use 30%, 50% or 90% as a preselection.

5) turn blinds:

please add a possibility to turn blinds for a short time (eg 0.5 -3sec). Via app this is at the moment not possible because of the runtime delay of internet connection. Could be also beneficial with suggestion 4), the roller shutter position. With blinds it’s a difference when running to a certain position from close or from open because the blinds are turned different. Then this could be used by running to certain position followed by a open/close for turing the blinds.


You have such great hardware and stuff with the possibility to customize it via firmwares, as you recently made with the dimmer press behavoiur. I hope there will be also some updates for the roller shutters soon.

Hello Manuel,

I fully endorse your detailed requests for improvement.

It’s the main regret I get from customers testing automatic solutions with Legrand roller shutter controls.

Hope someone hear it and checks it. I think if the developers of the firmware use the system at home will see these changes as a must.


Anything news about this topic ?


I forwarded it to Netatmo teams

Some of these points are under discussion for enhancement, for example a better way to manage clicks on the shutters buttons to avoid bad operations

For HomeKit and voices assistants also, some improvements are on the way, but I don’t have much more information about it

Have a good day,

Leslie – Community Manager

Dear Leslie,

in my opinon the v55 solved all 5 requests of improvements with a good solution. Many thanks to the development team

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