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Webhook verification issue

Hello everyone,

I can't verify my webhook.

I registered my webhook via the request form but I haven't received the verification code.


Could someone help me?

Thank you

Hello Raffaele,

I suppose you used this form :

If yes, I didn't receive your request. Can you please try to redo it and tell me once done ?

Concerning the verificationCode, we don't send one. We just need you to put in the body of your webpage :

"validationCode": "7d4b4c96-4964-4763-abdd-b9a1efdef632

It's a way for us to be sure that you are the owner of the endpoint

Have a good day,

Leslie - Community Manager

Hello Lesli,

I done a new request right now.

But which verificationCode I have to put in my request body?


Thank you


I well received it. You can just simply write the sentence : "validationCode": "7d4b4c96-4964-4763-abdd-b9a1efdef632" and it will be OK for me. I'll then warn you when the manual verification will be done

Have a good day,

Leslie - Community Manager

Goog morning Leslie,

4 days ago I received a POST request with the validationCode (that is different from the validationCode into your previous post).

So I made a new request via my app with my authorization code and my subscription key into the header, and my plantid and the validationCode received into the body.

But I get 400 error code.

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