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Wireless switch leaving network randomly

I have multiple wireless switches, some are double switchs, some simple switch (067723A and 067724A).

I also have multiple micromodules (064888).

Everything is up-to-date with the latest firmware.


I use Zigbee2Mqtt, on channel 25. Everything is working fine.


The switches are bound to a micromodule (so, I could stop my Z2M if I wanted). The binding where done with Z2M.

But, randomly but frequently, like multiple times a week, a switch will leave the network.

Z2M does not see it leaving.

It already happend with all switches at least once.

As I said, Z2M does not see the switch leave the network, so, nothing in the logs.

It is also not after a long period of inactivity, as I had the case once, I turn the light on (it works), and 10 seconds later, turn it off, and it’s broken.

When I press on the switch the first time before I know it’s broken, I see the red LED for 1-2 seconds.


I really don’t know what to do, reparing the switches every 2 days is not ok for me.

I thought maybe switch to the channel 11, but, everything is working, so why would it after things later ?


It this something somebody else encountered ?

Anybody got an idea ?



Just happend again.

I repaired everything on channel 11 and channed my coordinator. Signal is much stronger now.

Gonna see if it’s better…

Hi Xavinou,

Dealing with those wireless switches can indeed be frustrating, especially when everything seems up-to-date. The situation is complex, but here are a few additional ideas you might consider:

Check Power Supply: Sometimes, power-related issues can cause strange behavior. Ensure all your switches and micromodules are receiving stable power.

Reinforce Zigbee Mesh: If possible, add more Zigbee devices to strengthen the mesh network. Additional Zigbee routers might enhance the overall network range.

Try a Full Reset: I know it’s a drastic measure, but sometimes starting fresh can resolve elusive issues. Reset one switch and redo the binding process to see if it resolves the problem.

Check for Interference: Electromagnetic interference sources could disrupt communication. Ensure there are no powerful electronic devices or nearby radio frequencies causing interference.

Manual Firmware Update: Even if you claim everything is up-to-date, try manually reflashing the firmware on one of the switches to rule out any firmware corruption possibilities.

Third-Party Monitoring Software: Consider using third-party monitoring software to keep a more detailed eye on the Zigbee network. It might provide more in-depth information about events.

Manufacturer Support: Don’t hesitate to reach out to the manufacturer’s support for the switches. They might have specific tips or be aware of known issues with certain firmware versions.

I sincerely hope one of these suggestions helps you resolve this annoying issue. Best of luck!



It’s been now 2 weeks since I repaired my entire network on channel 11, an haven’t experience a single disconnection.

I think there are still issues with legrand devices when not using channel 11. It’s suppose to work since a firmware update, but it appears, there are still “quelques trous dans la raquette” 😀


In theory it’s supposed to work on all channels between 11 and 26 (11 is the one dedicated to the Legrand Gateway, in case it’s used in the network). Seems like in your case some perturbations make devices only correctly work on 11

I don’t see any other ticket assigned to such a problem, I’ll open a new one to ask the team to investigate on this potential trou dans la raquette 😀

Have a good day,

Leslie – Community Manager


Some additional informations :

– No legrand gateway used, except for firmware upgrade, otherwise, not plugged-in (and was not plugged-in when the disconnections happend),

– I’ve also changed my coordinator from ZBDongle-P to ZBDongle-E (signal is now stronger)

– When the disconnection happend, the bind to the micromodule was lost AND the connection to Z2M

– I sniffed all channels, there are some broadcast requests on channels 18, 20, 25 and 26. I can link a wireshark capture of channel 25, if it can help…


Hi Xavinou

I was having similar issues, but have not been able to solve them.

I was able to bind the switches, but after a day they would stop working.

Would you mind giving me a step by step of how you’ve set them up? It would help if it’s as detailed as possible 🙂




Hi Nicolas,

Here’s a small guide of what I did :


My setup :

– zigbee2mqtt dockerised (I used version 1.34.0 for pairing, and updated to latest once everything was done)

– multiple switch 064888

– multiple remotes 067773 and 067774

– Coordinator : Sonoff ZBDongle-E


I configured z2m to listen on channel 11.

Then, I paired every devices (I have 28 various devices, 22 of them are Legrand)


Then, for each switch, I’ve created a group in z2m with the switch in it (endpoint 1).

This step is to have faster reaction and, sometimes, the events are send multiple times by the remotes. The group avoid theses issues.


Then, for each remotes, I added a ‘Bind’ to the group to control. For the clusters, I’ve only selected OnOff.

Before clicking on ‘Bind’, I activate the remote by pressing it.


That’s it.


It’s been almost 1 month, and no issues.


Thanks Xavinou!


I’m able to do everything except this:

for each switch, I’ve created a group in z2m with the switch in it (endpoint 1)

I’ve created the groups, but when i try to add the switch to it it looks like nothing happens. In your config do they show up as part of the group? I’ve changed the groups.yaml to manually include the switch too but it’s still not displayed in the UI.

Has this happened to you too?



mmh, no, I had no issues :

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