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x8000 HomeAssistant API

Good morning, I’m trying to configure a custom component to manage two x8000 (V1) thermostats in homeassistant. Everything works correctly except the synchronization with the Legrand cloud: the thermostats are correctly associated and seen by the API but then they do not synchronize. I wanted to know which subnets should be whitelisted in the cloudflare tunnel that manages my external connection. I’ve added all this but I would like to keep it clean removing unneccesary:

Australia     Australia East
Australia South East
Brazil     Brazil South
Canada     Central Canada
Asia Pacific     Southeast Asia (Singapore)
India     South India
Central India
United States     Central United States
West Central United States
East United States
East 2 United States
North United States
South United States
West United States
West 2 United States
West 3 United States
Europe     Western Europe
North Europe
United Kingdom     United Kingdom South

Hello Davide,

As our Cloud servers are based in the Netherlands I would say Western Europe

Have a good day,

Leslie – Community Manager

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