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3rd Party Drivers for w/Netatmo?

With the discontinuation of new orders for RFLC devices in the US, is there any plan to offer 3rd party control system drivers for the new ‘with Netatmo’ devices?

Hi Brant,

I assume you are talking about the launch of Home + Control solution in the US

We have an open API available here :

This solution is also ZigBee 3.0 compatible. You can find the beginning of our documentation here :

It should be soon completed with new information

Have a good day,

Leslie – Community Manager

Hi…. The HP2551 can transfer its information direct to the Internet (, Wunderground, WeatherObservationWebsite and so on)

The Gw-1000 in like manner can likewise do these transfers. The HP2551 can’t be tended to straightforwardly from a program.

The GW-1000 can see its live information straightforwardly on your nearby organization through the WS-View Android application on your telephone or tablet resembles this:

Clearly in case you are away from home or at home you can take a gander at your full set-up of information through (I recommend that you register a record and view the public information)

In the event that you distribute to Wunderground and so forth you can likewise check out this information by means of the WS-View application or through an internet browser

In the event that you add a Raspberry Pi and extra climate programming like WeeWx, WeatherDisplay or CumulusMx then you will have a neighborhood web server on the Pi that is showing and logging your information from the GW-1000 too. So a wide range of choices in the event that you dont need to be dependent on Internet transfers.

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