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Adorne API


I have integrated my Legrand Adorne light switches via the Samsung Artik Cloud into OpenHab. Now that Artik has been discontinued I need to swap my OpenHab binding to a new API. Is Legrand offering such an API?



Hi Mark,

Solutions based on Artik are on the way to be integrated into a new Cloud. I don't know for the moment if there will be a new API. I should have more information about it from the US teams next week

I keep you in touch

Have a good day,

Leslie - Community Manager

Great - thank you. Looking forward to it.

Looking for the same. Any update here?

Have my eye on this, as well. Keeping my fingers crossed for some good news!

Legrand plans to support the Eliot API going forward.  The integration of Adorne (really the LC7001 black plastic gateway in your house) with SmartThings was never a Legrand-supported integration.  It worked "by luck" because Samsung developed Artik Cloud and owns SmartThings and they implemented a Cloud-to-Cloud connection between the Artik Cloud and the SmartThings Cloud.  As you know Samsung is shutting down the Artik Cloud, and Legrand (Eliot) Cloud does not have an integration with SmartThings.  At this point there is not a plan to add SmartThings support into Legrand Cloud.

Paul, thank you for the update. I am not looking specifically for SmartThings support for Adorne. I am just looking for any public API into Adorne/LC7001. Legrand must already have an internal API for their app and Alexa implementation.

Will the internal API for Adorne be made publicly available? And/or will Adorne be integrated with the Eliot API?

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Look at the current status of Alexa integration with Legrand Lighting Control. They can't even manage to get their own equipment work with home automation systems. I am not sure if they know how their own API works.

Hi Paul, any update re. my question above? Thanks,


There is a similar problem with the SmartThings/ARTIK Cloud/Legrand integration now that ARTIK Cloud is gone.

As discussed here:

Eliot integration with SmartThings

I have solved this for myself with a SmartThings part and a UPnP part that sits between the SmartThings hub and the LC7001. If your system can speak UPnP, perhaps all you need is this second part. If not, perhaps the code will expose enough for you to get it to work elsewhere.

I have been promised that the LC7001 interface will not change as long as it exists. I have yet to receive any formal documentation on this interface.

And I did solve this for myself in python for Home Assistant. But I have 1 problem:

About 1% of all submissions between the LC7001 and the actual switch fail. So eg when I turn a light OFF either via the API or the Android App, the LC7001 shows the switch as OFF, while in reality the light remains still ON. This seems to be dependent on the distance between the switch and the LC7001, and also dependent on time of day. So I suspect Radio interference. But that's not the question.

The question is whether it's possible via the Adorne API to remediate such a situation. In other words can I send a second command to force the LC7001 to turn off a switch which the LC7001 thinks is off alreadty? If I simply send the same message again (ie. {'Service': 'SetZoneProperties', 'ZID': 0, 'ID': 1, 'PropertyList': {'Power': False}}), nothing happens. The LC7001 seems to filter this out as it thinks (erroneously) that the light is OFF already. So currently, I must turn the light on first before I can try to turn it off again. So the question is if it's possible to send the "turn-off" command again without first turning it on? Some kind of a force update?

PS: The same problem happens on the Android App. So if the OFF command fails, the App still shows it as OFF while the light remains ON in reality. I then need to turn it ON again via the App before I can turn it OFF a second time.

Michael, I have the exact same issue. It's good to know that this is indeed a common problem. The issue comes down to that the communication between hub and switches appears to be rather unreliable. Legrand really needs to fix that. But as long as the communication remains unreliable the hub mustn't trust its own state and shouldn't filter out what appears to be duplicate commands (i.e. what you describe above). If communication were reliable then it would be a good optimization to filter out commands for the state the switch is already in, but with unreliable communication every command should be passed on to at least recover from past mistakes (the forced update you described above). In other words every update should be forced in the hub.

There is an additional, but related issue: if you reboot the hub all switches initialize to off regardless of the actual switch state. That is fully reproducible. A clear bug in the hub.

I have been trying to work with support starting with the reboot issue (as it is easier to understand). Unfortunately interaction with support has been rather difficult as they have little technical background (most don't know what an API is). Overall the LC7001 feels more like a beta product.

Hello everyone,

The LNCA dev team is aware of the issue and is investigating to find the root cause

Once done, they will work on a resolution. We'll warn you when it will be fixed

Have a good day,

Leslie - Community Manager



Is it possible for you to share your python code for your connection to home assistant.




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