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Adorne API


I have integrated my Legrand Adorne light switches via the Samsung Artik Cloud into OpenHab. Now that Artik has been discontinued I need to swap my OpenHab binding to a new API. Is Legrand offering such an API?



Thanks for the clarification.


I see that the original question, as to whether or not there is a public API available for the Adorne line, still has no answer 6 months later. Is there a public API available for the Adorne line?

Since the switch from Artik => Eliot, my devices have been working well up until a few days ago. I've got over 3k invested in the Adorne line over the past 2+ years and needless to say, I'm pretty bummed that any integrations beyond the "Light Control" thick client application have been consistently frustrating and at times, unworkable. Honestly, very few people are interested in using these apps for every smart device they have. I've been so incredibly patient and disappointed with the software implementation for this product line. I don't mean to be so negative, but it is what it is. The hardware is incredible and very solid. Hats off to the product engineers and embedded devs. Although the Adorne "Light Control" application is simple, it does work and commands to devices are pretty much instant. But any integrations with voice assistants is down right horrid. No amount of removing, disabling, re-enabling, rebooting, resetting or even starting from ground zero seems to fix anything.

Here's what upsets me more than anything. When scrubbing all available forums and reviews online, I see nothing but upset customers and standard, "please give our tech support a call" replies. If there is a known issue with Alexa/Eliot, can somebody please post publicly so that others are in the know? I'm actually wondering what others would do who don't have 25+ years of dev experience. But seeing as I am capable of putting a full solution in place, I would be very appreciative if someone could direct me to any public resources or APIs allowing for a possible home rolled solution, if possible. Thanks so much.

Well shame on me. It seems that I was using the wrong WIFI network when adding the new devices, causing an issue where the voice assistant was unable to detect them from a separate WIFI SSID altogether. Removed the devices from the lighting app, switched wireless network, re-added and BAM. All showing up in Alexa now. Something tells me this isn't the first time I made this mistake. Feature request! Can the network SSID be shown next to the "WIFI" indicator in the lighting app? In any case, sorry for such a rant! PS: I would still like to know if a public API is available for Adorne. 🙂

Hello Jonathan,

I forwarded your request concerning the app to the right Legrand contacts

Concerning API for RFLC : good news, we will soon publish on Works with Legrand a documentation for the local API. We have to finalize it with US developers of the solution

Have a good day,

Leslie - Community Manager

Hi Leslie,

Thank you so much for forwarding the request and for the prompt reply.


Good news, documentation is now available !

Also, you can use this forum section for your questions :

Have a good day,

Leslie - Community Manager

Hi Leslie,

Much appreciated! I'll post any potential questions over in the RF lighting forum.


i think, i am not sure if they know how their own API works

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