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Basic HomeKit Valena Life

Hello to the community.

I bought the basic kit and i also bought 12 dimmers and 4 plugs.

While the gateway outlet and all the wired plugs measure the consumption real time

In the application dashboard there are NO data shown for the dimmers. Only empty bars and dashes.

All the plugs and dimmers are to the latest i think FW.

I already set the wattage of each dimmer

I left some lights on for few hours but no consumption is shown. I even tried to put 200-250 watts on the field you are submitting the wattage to see if the dimmers will start measure the consumption with no luck.

Also i made all the steps required to connect the system with home assistant. But even there i get only on/off state with no option for dimming or consumption.

Any help would be appreciated.

Forgot to mention i'm on Android device and i also logged in the webpage also but i didn't find something to change.

Here (

Items bought in Europe / Athens / Greece

Hello Filippos,

It's maybe a problem with your loads (electrical bulbs) ? In any case, I advise you to see it with the Greek Customer Support, as this forum is more aimed to help with APIs issues and not problems with displays in Home + Control app (

Concerning Home Assistant, as a third-party service we are not involved into their developments. Indeed they don't display for now consumption (they only manage ON/OFF for switches). They are working to integrate the new Home + Control API from Netatmo, they will maybe make their service evolve at this time

Have a good day,

Leslie - Community Manager

I tried several Sylvania bulbs all dimmable. E27 + Gu10.

ALL of them when you enter the dimming state to 100% in the application they are flickering -

EVEN if you install the included resistor in the dimming package

OSRAM and Philips bulbs do not behave like this. But i didn't test them to see if they measure consumption.

So i assume that the dimming circuit / controller on the Sylvania bulbs is NOT GOOD.

OK. I will try further other bulbs as well with the dimmers to see what is happening.

Leslie i would like to thank you for time.

Hi Filippos,

I discussed about your questions with my tech contacts

Concerning the consumption values not retrieved for the dimmers in Home + Control application : it's a bug on our side. A fix is ready and will be displayed in the next gateway firmware release (it should arrive in 2-3 weeks). Unfortunately, you will not retrieve in your historical the data consumptions done before this fix

Concerning the flickering light when dimmed at 100% : it can arrive in some situations with the dimmer without neutral and some brands/bulb references

Maybe some tips to help you :

  • can you first confirm that you use the yellow resistor and not the white one ? (picture of the yellow one) ? If it's the white one please write me via the contact form to find a solution for you
  • verify if the resistor is correctly installed : associate your dimmer to the gateway network. The LED will be green. Unscrew the light bulb and verify is the LED stays green. If yes, the resistor is correctly installed, if no your blinking issues can come from here


Have a good day,

Leslie - Community Manager

Leslie greets from Athens and thank you again for your time and your effort helping me out.

Unfortunately the support in Greece from Legrand is not only inadequate but they are rude on the phone also.

Anyway.  The electrical cabinet HAS neutral but it's not passed to junction boxes in the walls though

the Netatmo series sold here in Greece are mainly without neutral. All the lines. Valena,Celiane,Allure.

I will let you know everything you need and i will also post some pictures to pass them if you can to your devs. I don't know where you are based if you are in the States or in Europe so pass my post accordingly.

Regarding the consumption matter many many thanks for letting me know. I thought there was something wrong with the cabinet or something i made wrong.

A)The apartment is from the late 70's. All the wall boxes have 2 black wires on the back. Yes believe it or not they are all black. These must Line + Phase but they are not color coded. I tried to install all the dimmers based on the previous switches/installation. I also tried some swaps put the right black cable on the left and vice versa - in all cases the dimmers worked.

B)Regarding the flickering issue when the minimum dimming state is 5% and the maximum is 80% from the Android application with any brand of LED (except Philips these work fine at any state) the bulbs and the dimming works well. I don't care a lot for the remaining 20% since LED's are quite bright.

This might be a software/firmware issue or the neutral issue you mentioned earlier.

C)Indeed i have the yellow resistors and with the same part number which i didn't installed. With Osram and Sylvania with resistor in place or not flickering remains. With Philips bulbs with resistor or not everything is working fine. I suppose this is a IC issue of the bulb.

I thought resistors are only intended for NON dimmable bulbs or economy bulbs. With standard old type filament bulbs i don't have flickering at all. I just saying this FYI.

Since the synergy collaboration of Legrand and Somfy is big in terms of branding and both offer interoperability through the platforms i will mention one bug i've found (i believe this bug has to do with the Somfy Tahoma Hub and their louse ancient API + Web Interface)

I've created smart scenarios with dimmers through the Tahoma. Example.

When an IO alarm sensor on a door detects that the door is open the Tahoma switches on few dimmers. There is an option for a 1 to 10 minute stay-on(the bulb to remain on) delay. With RTS or IO plugs this works. With Legrand dimmers,plugs or mobile plugs it's not working. Shows error with question mark on the Tahoma dashboard.

If you want me to do further tests let me know to help.

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More pics......

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Dimmers not showing the consumption.

The second photo is the issue with the Power-On delay which is not working with dimmers through Tahoma

I believe it's their bug. Not yours.

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Hello there and nice that another guy has the same problem.

I have asked for the same issue here :

of course I couldn’t find any solution with Greece support…

The firmware of gateway is in version 211 and still no consumption for the lights. In which firmware do we have the fix?

Also Fillipe you mentioned about Legrand and Somfy. For the Somfy products do you need their hub or the Legrand hub is enough?

Hello Andrew.

Yes the firmware is still in v211 and Leslie replied already regarding this issue.

Basically because the dimmers WITHOUT neutral cannot handle the real time consumption (they do only cut-off the power phase) because of the absence of NEUTRAL they will release a new firmware that somehow force-scam the system to give an estimation - you have to declare the wattage in each dimmer - of the consumption but not 100% the real time consumption. So the estimated consumption will be calculated based on the on-off time of the dimmer.

Though the best way for monitoring is to have NEUTRAL on each device which most the houses-apartments in Greece do not have.

Regarding Somfy YOU MUST have their gateway. In order to control Legrand devices. Dimmers,Plugs,Micromodules, Cabinet Modules

I have also curtains, rollers and other Somfy devices. That's why i have interoperability.


Reply form our friend Leslie

"Hi Filippos,

I suppose you are talking about the Legrand gateway firmware update to v.250. According to the release plan I have (and hoping it's up to date) the deployment started. About 5% of gateways are now updated and it's planned to reach 100% on 03/05

In the changelog, I have for fixed issues : "Fixes problem of light consumption missing in consumption graphes". So I assume that it deals with your dimmer consumption

Have a good day,

Leslie - Community Manager"

Forum topic -
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Hello there


Any news with the update of the firmware? Is it released on 03/05 or no?


I am still in version 2.11.

Hello Andrew,

The v250 is currently being progressively deployed. It should be OK for you in the next few hours/days

Have a good day,

Leslie - Community Manager

Thank you very much Leslie!

I will wait to see new version.

Is there any changelog to see what it is fixed or the changelog is internal information ?


Thank you

Hi again Andrew,

Unfortunately, it's for internal use only 🙁

Have a good day,

Leslie - Community Manager

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