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Calls limit

after a number of weeks of work I finally managed to make some applications working with Legrand Cloud.
In my house I have two Smarther and Home + to manage all lights, all blinds and several plugs.
100 calls by day it is absolutely not enough to have a meaningful management. Are you going to do something about it?



Hi Leslie,
I join the requests to bring at least 1000 requests per day. I have 2 smarther and with 500 calls a day I can only read the temperature every 6 minutes at most. In this way I have few other calls to send the settings, which for my automations are not enough.
Please can you do something ??

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Hello Daniele,

It is not planned for the moment to increase this 500 calls limit. But I warn the teams about this need

Concerning the Smarther you can put in place webhooks to retrieve automatically some information when a change occurs (no need to call the API)

You can follow the tutorial here 


Have a good day,

Leslie - Community Manager

Hi Leslie,

after long waiting, I was finally able thanks to SDomotica, to enjoy Home + accessory with Home Assistant. Using lights, blinds, outlets and power-meter, have available just 500 calls will not allow to enjoy at full capacity Living Now into HA . Can you please do something to increase the call at lest at 2000 per day?

Sure of your support,

best regards,



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