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Can't see deviceID and plant



I have a classe 100 X16E and an account created on my iPhone. But the account settings don't work, I can't see my id and plant. What can I do. There is a screenshot to show what happens in the app.



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I tried this, but my result looks as follows


I'm clearly stuck with doing the same mistake over and over, any help would be appreciated


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Hello Martin,

First of all, you must follow these steps :

To find the plantId and moduleId

  • Sign up with your Works with Legrand account. You must have subscribed to the Starter Kit
  • Go on the “API” drop down menu, click on “APIS LIST” and choose the Smarther API or Home + Control API
  • On the left, click on “GET Plants” for the Smarther or “GET Get users’ plants” for Home + Control. Then go in the “Try it”
  • In Authorization section, choose “Authorization code” for ELIOT - Azure AD B2C - OpenID Connect for the Smarther or OAuth Server for Try it Eliot API for Home + Control. If you are logged in, other information are already filled up
  • A popup will be opened. Fill the information with your end-user account and validate
  • Click on “Send” button and retrieve the ID of the plant in the Response content


In most cases, when you receive an empty plant array in response it's because you didn't use the correct credentials in the pop-up. It must be the credentials of the account where devices are linked. You can verify the correct email address by going in your application > menu > My account

Have a good day,

Leslie - Community Manager

Dear Leslie,

Thank you for your reply.

I had hoped that i could access the plantID and deviceID via the other accounts I had shared my device to (other users of the device), but it seems like that is not possible. I did this because I can not log in with my primary account. Every time I try to use that account to access the APIs i am being told that this user already exists (which prevents me from accessing them). Is there somebody I can contact about this? Apparently that issue needs to be sorted out first.

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It's maybe because the guest accounts you invited are only end-user accounts but not also developer's account ? I tested it and it works : if you create a developer account on Works with Legrand with the same email/password as your guest, you will correctly access the API

Concerning the issue with your main account, it's maybe due to a rare but known bug on our platform. Can you please try to :

  • Connect to your developer account on Works with Legrand in private navigation and try to use the API
  • If you still have the issue, send me the email address of your Works with Legrand account via the contact form


If connecting in private navigation mode works, it comes from a cache issue in your web browser. Here is the process to clean it in Google Chrome : 

  • Go to the settings of your browser "More tools" > "Erase navigation's data" > close the pop-up
  • In "Confidentiality and Security", go to "Cookies and other websites data" > "Display all cookies and third-party data"
  • Delete all cookies for : / /
  • Finally, go back to WWL and log in


Have a good day,

Leslie - Community Manager

Thank you, I reached out to you via the contact form.

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