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Classe 300 Doorbell HomeKit integration


I am an owner of a Bticino Classe 300 doorbell and would love to have it integrated into the HomeKit.

Is this something you are looking to add support in the near future?

I also have the Legrand Valena with Netatmo, and several Netatmo cameras and everything works great with HomeKit. The only thing missing is the Classe 300 doorbell

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I have several legrand/bticino devices with netatmo working natively with Apple Homekit (thermostats, valves, electrical switches, blinds, electrical outlets).

Unfortunately, my Video Intercom Bticino CLASSE 300 EOS with Netatmo is the only device from the legrand/bticino products family  that I don’t have in Homekit.

Apparently José Manuel’s (JManu) suggestion of having a homebridge plugin should work as it looks like someone has already integrated it into HomeAssistant.

If anyone are aware of an homebridge plugin that might  be made available in the future and that allows the integration with the Bticino CLASSE 300 EOS with Netatmo, I would be grateful if you would inform this forum


Guilherme Bastos

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