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Control + HomeKit Switch Type(Display as) Support

Hello, I would like to suggest Switch Type(Display as) HomeKit support be added for Radiant/Adorne with Netatmo devices. This will allow users to set the type of household item is controlled with a switch and also allows grouping similar devices together in the native Apple Home app. I have attached an image of what I am referring to, which was supported in the old Radiant HKR10 devices. Thank you!

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Hi again Joshua,

I know that they are ongoing discussions at Netatmo about this. I forward them your message

Have a good day,

Leslie – Comuunity Manager

Thank you, Leslie.

Hi Leslie, any updates here? this is limiting me from installing the remaining switches in my house as well as suggesting the platform to others who have different switch types that are not lights. Thank you!

Hello Joshua,

I don’t see something about it in internal tickets, but I maybe don’t have access to all tickets concerning North American devices. I asked it directly to the teams, I’ll tell you once I know more

Have a good day,

Leslie – Community Manager

Hi again,

I got a fast answer :

Using a light switch to manage a fan is somewhat misused use of products. Concerning this specific point, it’s not planned to change the Type. On the other hand, we will soon be launching a fan switch in the USA (Q1 2023)

Have a good day,

Leslie – Community Manager

Thank you for the replies, Leslie. I’m not convinced this is a mis-use of the product as it’s a built-in feature of the home platform. It’s not only for ceiling fans, but also exhaust fans, or fans plugged into a switched outlet. The use case, as described above is when using a smart assistant and asking to turn on the lights in a room, incorrectly turns on a switch being used for an outlet or fan. I have attached the full list of functionality. Please also note that the plugs/outlets have this setting, so I’m asking for it to be brought to the switch as well. Thank you.

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“Using a light switch to manage a fan is somewhat misused use of products. Concerning this specific point, it’s not planned to change the Type. On the other hand, we will soon be launching a fan switch in the USA (Q1 2023)”


I think its important for the engineers to understand that not every country operates their home in the same way. Its extremely common in North America to have fans & heaters wired directly to a wall switch. Also, a ‘fan switch’ isn’t the answer here, and not all fans need to be on speed controllers; in fact most fans in north America do not need to be on a speed control fan switch. The most common newly installed ceiling fan here is a DC motor fan, which won’t work on a speed-controller switch. It also wouldn’t work when wired to a bathroom heater. Being able to set the device type in HomeKit is the correct answer here, and being that it works on Netatmo receptacles already, I’m confused why it couldn’t be easily implemented on switches.

I have a workaround; its not ideal as it removes the devices from the Legrand gateway and Home + Control app and requires additional hardware, but it works. It also proves the display type CAN be changed for switches, and not having the option is a decision by Netatmo to not implement it.


You will need Home Assistant and a zigbee radio.


I’ve added a Legrand Adorne wired switch to my ZHA integration in home assistant. It will show up as a light, not a switch, and you’ll need to add this line to your configuration.yaml file;





type: ‘switch’

You will use your device ID address, and add “-1:” as an endpoint ID. Restart Home Assistant. It is best to do this immediately after you’ve paired the device. If you wait for the HomeKit integration in Home Assistant to pickup the device, you will need to go into your services and unpair the device from HomeKit, re-pair and reload the HomeKit integration.


You can see in the attached screenshots I have a Legrand switch, and I’m able to change the display type to “switch” or “fan”.



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Nice find! Yes, the device type is definitely supported for most, if not all switches. It appears this was an oversight with the Home+ integration with HomeKit. I did receive the following from Legrand Tech support a  week or so ago(11/16/2022)…


Thank you for reaching out to us. Yes that is a feature will be supported. I don’t have a definite timeline as of yet however. I apologize for the inconvenience.

Thank you again,

Original Email –


I am following up on if the feature to set the “device type” in HomeKit will be coming in an update? See below the original request/question:
1)For the HomeKit integration, will there be a firmware update soon to allow switch ‘type’ for the WNRL10WH? Currently, these only operate as a ‘light’ in HomeKit, instead of the standard switch/fan/light options typically found in the HKRL10 and other smart light switches.

that’s great to hear they’re adding it. The more features we can get natively into the Home + Control app, the more comfortable most of us will be selling/installing it.


I don’t mind doing the home-assistant stuff in my own house, but there’s zero chance I’m going to set it up that way in a customers home. I would prefer though everything to be within one app/gateway/interface even at my home to make it easier.

edit…. Sorry for anyone that saw my post and is now confused.

The ability to set device type is not coming from the Legrand gateway, but is now apparently a feature of my Home Assistant bridge. I am running a beta custom component Netatmo integration and I think that’s where the ability is coming from.

Brant!, you had me thinking it was a Christmas Miracle!

@Leslie, is there any update on having this functionality added? If I’m not mistaken, the ability to set the ‘type’ is also a matter specification, which I know you have mentioned could be available at a later date. It would be nice to have this functionality, as almost every other switch on the market has this setting..

Sorry about that, it took me awhile to figure out what actually happened.


I attempted to add some new devices to my Legrand gateway and it somehow reset itself. When I reconfigured it, the firmware updated to v306, and it was then I noticed I had the ability to set device types in HomeKit.

And then realizing I had two of each device, it dawned on me that I was seeing them being integrated through the HASS bridge.

I am currently running the Netatmo beta integration for HomeKit, and that’s where this is coming from. At least now I don’t have to separate these devices from the Legrand gateway.

screenshots attached

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And one other clarification; through the HA integration, I’m able to set device types on my wired in-wall switches and micromodules, but not dimmers, which is perfectly fine. Receptacles and plug-in switches we could already set natively. But using Netatmo and HA it seems as though every device is duplicated in HomeKit, so I’ll likely removed the Legrand gateway and just use HASS.

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