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Control + HomeKit Switch Type(Display as) Support

Hello, I would like to suggest Switch Type(Display as) HomeKit support be added for Radiant/Adorne with Netatmo devices. This will allow users to set the type of household item is controlled with a switch and also allows grouping similar devices together in the native Apple Home app. I have attached an image of what I am referring to, which was supported in the old Radiant HKR10 devices. Thank you!

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Thanks for the clarification(s). I absolutely agree about the dimmers and I don’t believe other brand’s dimmers had the ability to change device type(as they are lighting-specific, but it’s been awhile since I had the original HomeKit dimmers from Legrand installed), so I could be wrong.

It’s good to know that Netatmo’s beta, although official, integration supports this which further reinforces the possibility that it can be back-ported to their official Home + Control app.

One last question(completely off-topic), with the HASS integration, does it allow you to continue to issue commands locally if internet goes down?

Oh the HA integration is not developed by Netatmo/Legrand.

And no, if you lose internet, HA commands wouldn’t work as it is depending on the cloud.

which brings up a good point about deciding which bridge to use. You would have to use the Legrand HomeKit bridge for local commands to work without internet.


It seems that the NLG-306 firmware version added the possibility to manage device types in HK for wired devices (but I didn’t find any information about it in technical backlogs)

@Joshua : I confirm that HA (with the former Works with Legrand or new Netatmo Connect API) doesn’t work locally and requires to be connected to the Cloud. And as it’s a third-party service they are just using our free APIs but we are not involved in their developments

It’s possible to use locally your Legrand devices by configuring them on a ZigBee network with a controller. But you will not use anymore the Legrand gateway and, of course, will lose the possibility to use features from the Home + Control application

Have a good day,

Leslie – Community Manager

Hi Leslie, thanks for the reply. When you reference NLG-306, are you speaking about the Smart Gateway? If so, has that fw version been released? I’m showing version 253 on my Smart Gateway. My apologies as I am not tracking.


My gateway is on NLG-306, and I do not have the ability to set device types in HomeKit on my wired switches.


I can do that through my Home Assistant Netatmo integration, but not natively.

Brant, just speculating, have you tried to pair a switch device AFTER the gateway updated? Although I believe the HAP protocol can dynamically add/remove features, so it shouldn’t matter.

Hey Joshua,


I added a couple of devices yesterday to test, and I did not see any ability to set device type.

im currently in the process of removing all of my devices from the gateway and switching everything over to Z2M & Philips Hue bridge.


@Joshua : yes, NLG = Gateway. 306 is the latest Production version currently deployed. To make an update, you can try to go in Home + Control app in “Manage my home” > Click on your gateway > Reconfigure my Wi-Fi (blue button). It should launch an update request on our side

You can also try to cut off power of your gateway and restore it to launch the request

@Brant on my side, I can :

  • set a plug as Light, Plug or Fan
  • indeed, no device type is proposed for wired switches
  • wireless switches don’t have any type either

So, I guess that the feature is brought by HA integration and not directly by us

Have a good day,

Leslie – Community Manager

Hi Leslie,


yes that is correct, only a receptacle device type can be set via the gateway-to-HomeKit integration. I am changing my switch types via Home Assistant integration.


but it is an important feature to many to have that ability. The reason that everyone is asking for it is that it’s very common in the US at least to have heaters and fans on smart switches. So when you ask Siri to “turn on the lights”, it will switch on every device because it thinks they are all lights. The other issue with saying to wait and use the fan switch is that DC motor fans are more common in the US now, and a capacitor based speed control fan switch will not operate them. So we will still be using standard on/off smart switches on these type ceiling fans.

Hi Brant,

Yes, I totally understand the usecase. I’ll relaunch the marketing/development on this subject

Have a good day,

Leslie – Community Manager

Legrand Team, Any update on having this supported?


Here is a feedback I had from the teams :

“Our “lighting” switches, dimmers and micromodules are not designed to pilot a motor (inductive drive). So it’s at user’s risk. The motor can break the switch and we are not responsible for warranty in this case

The only product able to make fan control is the future NLH (fan controller) “


As I understand from the answer, the display type will not be possible to be changed for HomeKit. And concerning HomeKit we only currently have for the moment a “fan” type for plugs (see screenshot in attachment). I suppose it also works with a contactor but not 100% sure. Also, I don’t know what impact it may have on voice control



Have a good day,


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Then clearly the developers are not speaking with the product engineers, because the directions plainly state the Netatmo switch is rated for a 1/2 HP motor (inductive load); a standard ceiling fan is approx 1/8 HP. The stated load ratings are:

Incandescent / halogen 1800W, Ballast 15A standard / electronic, LED 5A, 1/2 HP motor


                                                                                                                        WNAL10W1 Cutsheet pdf




It’s so entirely frustrating when the response to most of the requested features is, “you’re not using it correctly”. It is not reasonable to assume customers will not use these devices to power fans when they are directly stated to be capable of use in that manner.

I made a reply to this but appears to not be visible…. test message….

I see this latest test message, Brant. Maybe replies are having issues? EDIT: I see my reply message. Disregard.

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