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Control + HomeKit Switch Type(Display as) Support

Hello, I would like to suggest Switch Type(Display as) HomeKit support be added for Radiant/Adorne with Netatmo devices. This will allow users to set the type of household item is controlled with a switch and also allows grouping similar devices together in the native Apple Home app. I have attached an image of what I am referring to, which was supported in the old Radiant HKR10 devices. Thank you!

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Ok, that showed up, but I don’t see my reply to you Leslie.

The directions for the netatmo switches I have state they are rated for:

Incandescent / halogen 1800W, Ballast 15A standard / electronic, LED 5A, 1/2 HP motor

Its very, very frustrating as a contractor & customer to continually hear that in the developers opinion that we are using the products wrong, and they are directly contradicting the product engineers. A typical fan motor here is 1/8 HP or less. One could not reasonably assume that they won’t be used for controlling fans when they are approved to be used in that manner.

I’m trying to upload the spec sheet here now.

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And the heaters I’ve referenced we use them for are 1000w resistive loads w/ a 1/16 HP blower motor. They are rated to accommodate that.

Thanks for the reply Leslie. This is disappointing to hear this because the other Legrand HomeKit product (HKRL10) supports this feature and arguably the developer’s reply does not make sense, as the products are marketed similarly, just for different home sizes/device counts, and therefore should have similar feature sets.


@Brant : the antispam system is sometimes a bit tricky … I think it didn’t like your link 😀

We rediscussed it and after seeing the sheet it seems that the device is aimed to also manage motors (it’s not the case for the same kind of products in Europe for instance, I think it’s the reason why I got this answer). I asked a confirmation of behavior to a hardware engineer to better understand if there is a specificity

According to his answer I’ll then push the subject to the relevant interlocutors to see if something can be done about type management

I’ll tell you once I have more information

Have a good day,

Leslie – Community Manager


I’m coming with bad news … it’s not planned to do a development to implement this. The only devices able to manage a “fan” type in HK are Contactors and Cable outlets

I’ll keep on pushing this subject on my side if I have more users asking for this feature

Have a good day,

Leslie – Community Manager

Just adding my support to this, and hoping we can change switch type sooner rather than later.

My electrician has wired my exhaust fans in the bathrooms (which don’t need speed control) up to these switches. If Siri thinks you want to turn on all the lights in the room/house regardless of what I name them, then the fans annoyingly join in. I believe this was the electricians first time working with smart switches, so he had a Legrand ambassador pair all the switches together (when building the house) and at handover had another Legrand ambassador assist me in setting up my account. Clearly none of them saw an issue with this configuration.

People are ultimately going to use these switches in various ways depending on their needs, and just like any other switch (smart or not) it’s up to the end user/electrician to ensure that what is connected meets the guidelines for the product. I can’t see enabling the option for us to change switch type is going to have an adverse effect on how they are used, but it would be very beneficial for many users (most who probably won’t even try to find this forum) and hopefully relatively simple to implement. I don’t even care about setting it as a fan per se, I’ll happily set them to a generic switch as long as Siri doesn’t think it’s a light.

I’m in Australia if that helps, perhaps shows it as more of a global issue.

I would +1 want to see this and allow users to select “type” for the switch/latching relays. I’m in Bulgaria and we have bathroom exhaust fans tied to standard light switches – they do not support RPM change or anything like that. So a dedicated fan switch will not do anything. I would love to be able to change the type – either in Home+Control or just Apple Home so that we can group items correctly.

@Lsslie – any news on the internal tickets about this one?

Moreover that Legrand already supports setting device type for connected sockets. So not sure why it is restricted for Latching Relays/Connected Switches.

Hello Peter,

It’s a subject often brought back on the table (and not only by me) to the products managers. But it doesn’t seem to be something planned

I heard about an incoming product to manage on/off for fans with a specific Type, so it could maybe fit your need. But for the moment I don’t have way more info about this device

Have a good day,

Leslie – Community Manager

Thanks for the update Leslie! Sad to hear that it is not planned. In my case, the installation doesn’t have a neutral wire, so I can only use the DIN modules. So even if a dedicated switch is introduced I’m not going to be able to use it (let alone the additional costs that would be required to replace my existing switches)

+1 for support here

I am in New Zealand have the same issue – new build apartment with two fans (bathroom) and they are integrated into a 3 way wired switch. When i use home kit and ask to turn lights off / on – it turns the fan on and off.

Seems like a very simple change in Homkit – i don’t understand why Legrand wouldn’t make the change?


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