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Home Assistant official integration

Home Assistant ( is probably the most well known open source home automation platform, and very spread and used.

It has plenty of integrations (, allowing us to interact different devices (like smart bulbs, sensors, plugs, outlets, alarms...) from different companies to work together.

It would be great to have an official support and integration with Home Assistant. I'm sure that a lot of user will come to Legrand solutions if being able to integrate with Home Assistant.

Hello JD,

For the moment it's not planned to offer an "official Legrand/Bticino" integration plugin for Home Assistant

As I can see, some users managed to build solutions for the integration of our devices (example for Smarther :

It seems to work well and as Home Assistant is an open-source system, we are OK to let the community build their own solution 😉

Have a good day,

Leslie - Community Manager

Thank you for the answer.

It's a pity, since the Zigbee integration would be more difficult due to API restrictions from unofficial users, and will always have more bugs.

Just as a suggestion, maybe you could develop it not officially and don't let the community know is from yours, but develop it anyway 😀


I made what you are looking for

Sdomotica Now Support Smarther, Living Now Smart and old SCS MyHome



Thank you SDomotica.

But I find a few problems:

- No English instructions.

- No Home Assistant Integration, but a new installation. Therefore, it breaks with everything we already have.

- I find no way to just install the Zigbee version (Living Now in italian I guess, Valena Next in other countries for example).

It would be great to be available as an addon instead of a whole system, which many of us wouldn't trust for our home automation system.

Dear JD,

you read the manual for Myhome bus scs.

In the post ther's the Smarher guide in English

Here the manual in English for Living Now

Regarding your questions

Sdomotica has Home Assitant Core installation.  Sdomotica is base on Dietpi (Raspbian Strech) and we optimized the distro for limit writes on SD, and preserve it.

Hassio in my opinion isn't the right solution on Raspberry. On Nuc etc yes.

Sdomotica is Mqtt gateway with Works with Legrand. Some of my customer use the Sdomotica RPI and move the package.yaml in main HA installation.  The problem is that you have to run a dedicated RPI for raspberry. But you can run your main HA in your preferred System.

Probably I'll release an addon, but only for RPI 32bit.

As you can see HA community deprecated Hasbian and HA in docker (acutally under reevaluation).

For me is quite complicated follow all the hardware, and I am focused only on RPI.

Sdomotica is whole integration for all BTicino products from bus to cloud based.

And I'm also working on new alarm (ksenia rebranded) and Nuvo.

One more.

Isn't free.






Sdomotica Hassio addon for Living Now

waiting for official integration 😉

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  • This reply was modified 5 months, 3 weeks ago by Luca.

Living Now is already avaiable as official and free, SCS there was, but not yet mantained.

This integration has only light, no shutter, no energy meter, no rooms and general command, no scenario command.

Sdomotica has all of them.

Sdomotica and Official Intergation have the same API limitation. 500 call by day.

Sdomotica could go head of these 500 but we use our solution only where we are the installer of the system.

Sdomotica is 15 years old and manteined ....





thanks a lot for your message but in the meanwhile i'm waiting for the official one i'm using this that is free and it's good for scs myhome

thanks again

Yep, i wait for an official integration too...


Ciao Stefano,

try this

it works fine.

it isn't official but it's a good project.

have a look 😉

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can someone please help guiding me how to install ?
I can't find it in the official integration list nor do I see it in the HomeAssistant UI.


have a look here, it's a page dedicated to this free addon:

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