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K4411C Dimmer switch usage


I'm a little confused on what can be dimmed with this switch.


Its not using DALI dimming and I can't seem to find what type of dimming should be used with it. Tried a dimmable LED bulb, but that wont too.

Can someone please, confirm what Dimming mode/protocol this switch is using

And which/what LED lightning solutions can be dimmed using this.


Thank you !





On that note, is there an option to dim led strips with any Legrand dimmer/product or maybe a dimmable ZigBee LED strip that can be added to the MyHome app solution ?

Hello Ned,

I'm not sure to well understand you : do you have a MyHOME_Up or a Home + Control installation?

K4411C dimmer switch is made for Home + Control solution and doesn't work with MyHOME_Up :

If you are indeed talking about Home + Control, it should work with LED lights with max power 150W at 230V or 75W at 110V. In this case, please give me the reference of your dimmable LED bulb and I'll ask the teams about it

Have a good day,

Leslie - Community Manager

Thanks for the reply Leslie,


I am using a K4500C gateway and the Home+Control app. But, this dimmer seems to be resistive ( Reduces the voltage output ) which does not work for LED Strips/Tape , it only works with some LED Bulbs that are dimmable.

I am looking for a solution that works with Home+Control to control and DIM LED Strips , do you know if there is such option because I can't find one ?







The K4411C dimmer is a traditionnal phase-cut dimmer meaning that it regulates the voltage delivered to the light

Usually, the stripled are 12V DC powered. For dimming a led strip with our dimmer, you need a 230V AC power strip led such as this one :

Other possibility is to use a Zigbee 3.0 12V driver that we will be able to manage on April this year :

Have a good day,

Leslie - Community Manager

Thanks Leslie,

The ZigBee option actually sounds great as we can wait until April.

Would the Home+Control gateway be compatible with Osram LEDs or any ZigBee 3.0 LED ?



Yes, it should work

We already have the beginning of a Zigbee 3.0 documentation and a list of working devices :

The firmware will soon arrive 😉

Have a good day,

Leslie - Community Manager


Sweet, thanks a bunch Leslie !

Have a great week.

Hello Leslie,


In the April firmware do you plan integration with Osram ZigBee 3.0 controllers such as this one:

I know you said you plan ZigBee 3.0  but want to confirm since I need to integrate those this month for one of my clients.




Hi Ned,

This is the plan ;). The integration of this particular driver is under qualification process on our side

Have a good day,

Leslie - Community Manager

Sweet, thanks.

Hi Leslie,

I'm planning to integrate Living now netatmo at my home.

Two questions about K4411C dimmer switch.

1) I read it must be activated in the app: After activating it can be used like a normal push button dimmer and stays activated? My wife hates app's ...

2) I have one lightpoint with 230v bulb controlled by two separate switches (two way configuration, one switch on each side of the livingroom)

I think replacing one switch with K4411C and the other side with K4005 push button 1P NO or K4036 2 push button ( can use the second one for another lightpoint).

Will this work and will the light be dimmable from both locations?

I found one picture assuming it will.

Neutral available in both wallboxes.

Thxs for feedback.


from Belgium

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Hey there <span style="color: #575757; font-family: 'Segoe UI', 'Noto Sans', sans-serif;">Wouter</span>,


1) The dimming option is activated from the app, if its not activated it works only as a regular switch, once activated it becomes a phase-cut dimmer switch and you don't need to use the app to dim it, you only need it to activate the dimmer option.

2) Yes this configuration will work, the push buttons just control the K4411C switch and can dim it when held - push and hold to dim down - push and hold to dim up.

In this config you only need the neutral for the K4411C switch and it must be the one directory connected to 230v bulb.


I hope this helps, I guess Leslie will let us know if I missed something 🙂







Thanks a lot Ned, seems like you now know better how it works than me 😀

I confirm the 2 answers

Have a good day,

Leslie - Community Manager


Thxs to both 😀.

I guess i can keep my old magic double pushbutton also on the other side?

So i can work in different stages and don't have to change everything at once.


Wouter from Belgium

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