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K4411C Dimmer switch usage


I'm a little confused on what can be dimmed with this switch.


Its not using DALI dimming and I can't seem to find what type of dimming should be used with it. Tried a dimmable LED bulb, but that wont too.

Can someone please, confirm what Dimming mode/protocol this switch is using

And which/what LED lightning solutions can be dimmed using this.


Thank you !





Thanks for the update Leslie,


Controlling DALI devices is really important in todays Smart home market and is part of pretty much every new install.

My company started working with Legrand and offering this product last year and the inability to control DALI devices is really slowing us down because customers really like the design and options this offers.

I really hope it won't be long before either Legrand offers a module for DALI control or works with like the one Osram offers .

Have a great day !




Hi Ned,

Your question opened an interesting discussion internally with the teams in charge of ZigBee interoperability

They would like to discuss with you around this subject and this DALI controller. If you are interested, could you please send me via the contact form your email address ? I'll then forward it to relevant contacts at Legrand

Thanks and have a good day,

Leslie - Community Manager

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