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MHS1 & Philips Hue Bridge

Hi all,

I have a MyHome System based upon MHS1 and a Philips Hue Bridge that controls a couple of Hue lamps. Sometimes (seems after MHS1 server reset, due to new firmware or power down) the connection with the Hue lamps is lost, and if i try to modify the object in the app, there is a "bridge not available" flag and any attempt to find the bridge is useless. Of course the bridge is up and running and lamps can be set on & off from Hue app. Multiple resets of MHS1, MyHome_Up and of the Hue Bridge are of no help. After days of retries (literally) sometimes the bridge magically reappears.  Last time the ipad went down and after recharging, the Hue lamp was there without any need for reconfig.

Any clue?

In any case, the new App will be launched shortly and myhomeserver1 will be updated.

Yesterday, by chance, I finally understood what Dario’s comment was about.

A link like this would have spared me some time: News for MyHomeUp

HOME+CONTROL replaces MyHOME_Up and is compatible with all the existing MyHome systems, after updating the MyHOMEServer1 firmware.This and the migration to the new App can be done by your Customers: invite them to register at and follow the step by step instructions, so that they can enjoy this new experience.

Seems that there will be a massive firmware release for Mhs1 to work under +control and that MyHomeUp will be replaced. Looking forward for the integration, which should finally link the scs bus with the smart Wi-Fi equipments.

So these problems will possibly  find their natural solution in early 2022 with the new release. I can  certainly wait a little longer (but not too much!)

Hello everybody,

Indeed it's planned to migrate all MyHOME_Up installations to Home + Control. It will occur in Q1 2022

Meanwhile, I asked my Italian colleagues to take a look at your issues. It's also quite possible as you said Marco that it will be resolved once integrated into H+C

I'll warn you once I have more information,

Have a good day,

Leslie - Community Manager

Leslie, thanks a lot for the feedback. I already have the two apps working at home (Home + Control for Netatmo heating valves and MyHome_Up for the rest).

I am really looking forward to this integration ... will everything be available in the MyHome_Suite as well? Morover, do you know anything about integration of the MyHome_Alarm app?

Have a good day and thanks for your time and attention,


MyHomeserver1 scans the network every few hours. If something goes wrong during the scan for any problem, what happens to you can happen. Then on the next scan maybe it will find it.

Identifying the problem without changing components is not easy.


The developer of the MyHome_Up app is ISAAC (Freedompro S.r.l.) so they should be asked how it communicates with the Hue bridge. I don't think that in Legrand / Bticino they know how to answer you .....


As for the UPS, in my experience, I can tell you that putting all home automation under a quality "online" UPS is the best thing. Staying in Legrand I use the Daker DK. I also use APCs but they are more expensive.

Hi again Marco,

  • Will everything be available in the MyHome_Suite as well? <= after the migration, you will be able to use MHS1 to connect Myhomesuite (as today)
  • Do you know anything about integration of the MyHome_Alarm app? <= According to the roadmap, the installations with MHS1 + a burglar alarm can migrate only in June. If you want to migrate your MHS1 before it, you must disable burglar alarm from Myhome_UP and after this do the migration (but you will lose until June your alarm and have to wait to benefit from it in Home + Control app). Please note that your Home Alarm app will still also work after migration (but it can change)


Have a good day,

Leslie - Community Manager


Talking to the doctors always helps! Yesterday night the bridge was back in MyHomeUp. No reset needed. It seems that this time the triggering event was an access as a remote user. Does this provide a hint?

To answer Dario, when the system is in the “down” state for the bridge it just can’t find the bridge on the network. It is not a matter of hourly scans of the network: if I try to add a new hue object, the system does an immediate scan and finds nothing, no matter how many retries. Every day so, for weeks. Then I give up and sometimes it reappears as yesterday.

I will post a message if and when the system goes down again.

Bridge not available once again!

this time it lasted less than a week. No triggering event, which I can think of …

Well, back for three days and gone again. Just the time for setting up some scenes in the app and see how I would like to control hue lamps and than … back to the old on-off power control outlet. At least I can switch between the two systems by just reconfiguring a couple of commands.

Hope developers take a look at this when preparing the new  firmware! I am also abandoning the f420 module in view of an easier management of scenarios in H+C.

Will this be a wise move?

I loved to be able to give ambient group command programming to f420 via OWN client, and OWN is  much more flexible and fast  than in-app scenarios. But is definitely too clumsy to set up.

Is there any chance for a more strict integration of the f420 with MHS1 and the new setup? Like long list of commands coded in f420 and more flexibility in conditions in the api?

And … what about CEN and CEN+ commands? Will they be available in H+C?

Sorry for the many questions… but new year is coming!

Happy holidays!

In my case, I lost completely the Hue bridge since the last firmware upgrade in end of march.

I tried via the "new" (not at all ready) Home + Control app: the app sees the Hue lights as 3rd party lights but cannot interact with them (of course because it cannot connect to the bridge anymore)

I believe this is a strategical move of Bticino to leave Hue and add Zigbee 3.0 control directly.

Marco's problem should be carefully analyzed.

With the new App the problems have only increased. They did a terrible job in project management and marketing.

Managing zigbee lamps directly is convenient in some ways but you miss official updates and special features (like synchronizing lights with video).

Deep deep troubles here!

I should have probably waited a little more. Migration to H+C went ... let's say almost well. But I have a lot of empty rooms, I lost all scenarios, and objects are scattered all around. Big trouble is that I have not anymore an installer access to my house as I had with MyHome_Up.

Hence I tried H+P where I can do a full scan of MHS1 and find all my objects in the configuration set by MyHome_Suite (luckily I have that!). But the only way to insert them in rooms is to reset the objects and configure them again. I did some experiments and I manage to have some lights and shutters working in H+C but ... I cannot delete objects in H+C and once they are installed they disappear from H+P. So if I configure just one module in a command I cannot modify the object to configure the second module!

Situation is  far worst  than with MyHome_Up. Apart from Hue Bridge now I can't even manage my system. I will open a new topic for  MHS1 and migration to the new app.


I have exactly the sames problems! I had to rebuild all my scenarios. It was working for a few days but now the feature called plannings is not working anymore. Hue Bridge is still lost. All the objects were correctly imported.

The app MyHome_Up is prehistoric but it had still more features than H+C like doing: if 9h30, if weather sunny, do someting... Multiple conditions are not possible with Home+Control... You cannot start an automation at a specific time for example.

Also, even if I disabled the imported old scenes (showing like "advanced" scenes and not editable): it seems some of them are still acting in the background which is a mess!!

And worst: it seems that once the migration is done you cannot go back to the old firmware or you loose all the objects...

My electrician is in contact with Legrand it seems they know some of the problems and are working on a firmware upgrade...

So I learned that we should be able to add the Philips Hue Bridge with the app Home + Project… Downloaded the app but where can I add the bridge??

Almost got it

but when I select Philips Bridge it briefly start to scan and then this message:

no lamps detected (it’s impossible to find lamps)

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