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MyHomeServer1: Upgrade from MyHome_Up to new Home+Control app

Hi all,

As most of you know, Legrand is consolidating several platforms in one and therefore is planned to replace MyHome_Up app with this "new" Home+Control app from Legrand.

Last week, I received a firmware upgrade for my MyHomeServer1 (new version: 2.60.34).

Since this version, I was able to detect my MyHomeServer1 with the Home+Control app from Legrand. It suggested to upgrade everything to this new architecture.

I made the migration and basically it works but I LOST IMPORTANT Features without any explanations. See below what is working and what is not:


  • Basic migration worked fine - I only had to choose an icon per room
  • I can control all lamps, shutters, Thermostats and sockets managed by MyHomeServer1
  • I can create new plannings, automation and scenarios
  • I could invite a guest - He can control the House as well
  • I can rename objects and rooms
  • Connection with MyHome Suite Software is working
  • IFTT integration is working
  • Google assistant is working fine with Home+Controle (After changing it in Google Home config)

Not Working / Lost features:

  • Installer mode completely LOST!
    • How can I configure something e.g. changing assignment of a lamp switch???
    • How can I add a new device with the App now???
    • Is a new app foreseen? Or should we use another Legrand SW now?
  • All my integrated Philips Hue lamps are displayed but not working any more!
  • Most of my scenarios are not working anymore and I can even not delete them!
  • Not a must feature but I lost floor information (First floor, Second floor, etc.) - all rooms on the same level now

I didn't test everything but main issues are the missing integration of third-parties (without going through IFTTT!) and all installer mode features.

Please give me some lights or guidance to understand what is foreseen and how can I solve my issues. Thanks a lot!

Can only confirm all of the problems mentioned above …

Whole system was sold that one app (MyHomeUp) can be used for clients / user and the installer! Now it‘s not possible at all to connect to the server with installer credentials …

Hi Guys,

There is a new APP called "HOME + Project". This allows mods witch INstaller Mode. I am not sure it solves all problems.

Another question: How do i link my "HomeScreen10" to the new app? There are no adresses used anymore. Cant get it right. Help plz.

Hello everybody,

@marcdevinci thanks a lot for this detailed feedback, I'm sure it will help to focus on problematic points

Indeed a new application Home + Project will allow to do configurations for MHS1. As it's a migration to Netatmo's infrastructure and doesn't deal with Eliot API, I'm not directly involved in the project. But I well know my colleagues in charge of this project so I'm able to reach them directly

I forwarded your messages to them, I'll warn you as soon as I have more information to give you

Have a good day,

Leslie - Community Manager

Thanks Johannes, looks promising! I installed the app and it looks good so far. I will make some tests this evening and post an update. BTW. I was looking for such an app... but didn't find the info!

I got the info from austrian help desk. still not fully convinced. i really liked working with myhomesuite. its much faster and clearer then the app.

Thanks for the heads up @Johannes - it's atleast a start.

One major thing which isn't working is the Hue binding - this one already made problems a couple of weeks ago and it seems like it was a common problem (as I also read in this forum). We were told that that the new app(s) would also have a better Hue (Zigbee) integration but doesn't seem so. The new app doesn't even find the bridge (which the old MyHomeUp atleast did).

After few hours with the Home+Project app, I can confirm and comment the following:

  • App is slow in general and server detection takes at least 2 min.
  • It detected my installation and didn't reset it (thanks God)
  • Rooms and devices are visible and more or less editable
  • It shows most of installer features (didn't compare all installer features yet)
  • Deletion of migrated scenario has strange behaviour - it shows the spinner but at the end, the scenario remains - few minutes later and suddenly they were gone... Hum
  • Strangely there is another list of users to give access to? To have multiple installers?
  • Hue integration is very buggy - it detects my bridge but the Control app is throwing server errors when I'm using the object... and the myhomeserver1 is then not reachable anymore... Probably due to server error
  • Migrated Hue devices cannot be configured - remains in an error stage but I could delete them
  • Hue devices cannot be named nor renamed
  • Scenario with hue devices are not working at all
  • Cloud synchronization shows wrong time or is not working...
  • It's strange that in the Control app they split between automation, planning and scenarios when in the project app they put everything under scenario...
  • Any idea when and how a firmware upgrade works with this new app?

In conclusion still several bugs and strange behaviour... I don't know if I'm going to reset everything... I'm expecting fixes and improvements anytime soon! If not I fear that the support team will get multiple calls when myhome_up is end of life.

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Hi all,

As information I just got an answer from the Support Team regarding Hue Lamps Integration.

It seems that it will be solved with the next Firmware version 2.60.37.
(As information, I run version 2.60.34 currently)

Hope that gives some valuable info to the community.

Thanks for the update @marcdevinci - let's keep the fingers crossed that it will get solved soon.


We recently set up the MyHOME_Up solution. I'm a bit disappointed with the whole system since the investment wasn't cheap and we started with the MyHomeUp app.
After a week, we upgraded to the home+control app.

Since I'm new to this community, I would like to contribute with my observations, or you can treat them as bug reports (I have a QA background)

1) Upgrading to home+control; You should first upgrade the MyHomeUp app with a warning to users about what's gonna happen and that you will lose the admin tool - replacing it with the home+project app. Now you just get a warning that you can't access the gateway

2) Creating new rooms; It's a mess. Every time when you create a new room in home+project and later import it to home+control you need to set an icon once again in home+control.

3) Changing icons in home+control; If you do that you will get a new room in home+project next time when you open it. The naming stays the same.

4) Assigning an icon to a new room in home+project; For the first time it saves the default icon - you need to change it and save it once again.

I didn't test the scenes yet, so I will report issues later. I hope you guys bring all the functions to this new setup from MyHome_up app.

Thanks for understanding and have a nice day.



Thanks for your contribution. Please report these issues via the Legrand Contact Form of your country. It's what I did few days ago and got some updates.

Thanks @marcdevinci. I did report them. @Leslie - Community Manager can you also forward my issues.
Best, Simon


@Simon : it's done

As said by @marcdevinci, best way to report this is to send a message to the Customer Support of your country. You can of course also post here your tests and pieces of information for general follow-up

Have a good day,

Leslie - Community Manager

Status update: Just received a mail from the Support team. It seems that this week, we will get two firmware updates in order to address open issues. OK, we got lot of troubles but it seems that they are working on them and if within two weeks the overall stability will be improved and most of issues solves, that's not bad.

Since version 2.60.38 my Philips Hue lamps are working again. Overall stability and scenarios handling are still my biggest pains. Don't know if one or two firmware updates will solve everything. In my opinion, the Project App requires also some improvements.

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