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MyHomeServer1: Upgrade from MyHome_Up to new Home+Control app

Hi all,

As most of you know, Legrand is consolidating several platforms in one and therefore is planned to replace MyHome_Up app with this “new” Home+Control app from Legrand.

Last week, I received a firmware upgrade for my MyHomeServer1 (new version: 2.60.34).

Since this version, I was able to detect my MyHomeServer1 with the Home+Control app from Legrand. It suggested to upgrade everything to this new architecture.

I made the migration and basically it works but I LOST IMPORTANT Features without any explanations. See below what is working and what is not:


  • Basic migration worked fine – I only had to choose an icon per room
  • I can control all lamps, shutters, Thermostats and sockets managed by MyHomeServer1
  • I can create new plannings, automation and scenarios
  • I could invite a guest – He can control the House as well
  • I can rename objects and rooms
  • Connection with MyHome Suite Software is working
  • IFTT integration is working
  • Google assistant is working fine with Home+Controle (After changing it in Google Home config)

Not Working / Lost features:

  • Installer mode completely LOST!
    • How can I configure something e.g. changing assignment of a lamp switch???
    • How can I add a new device with the App now???
    • Is a new app foreseen? Or should we use another Legrand SW now?
  • All my integrated Philips Hue lamps are displayed but not working any more!
  • Most of my scenarios are not working anymore and I can even not delete them!
  • Not a must feature but I lost floor information (First floor, Second floor, etc.) – all rooms on the same level now

I didn’t test everything but main issues are the missing integration of third-parties (without going through IFTTT!) and all installer mode features.

Please give me some lights or guidance to understand what is foreseen and how can I solve my issues. Thanks a lot!

I have several problems after migration, which can be summarized as follows:

– H+C has no installer capability. It can be used to personalize your system, to edit and create scenarios, to move devices from one room to another, to delete empty rooms. You cannot edit the configuration of a device, nor add an object, nor delete an existing one. It mimics the MyHome_Up in administrator or remote mode, which I have seldom used in the past mainly for testing purposes. I should have realized this earlier, but H+C at the moment is the least of my problems.

– H+P is the real issue. This is the actual substitute of MyHome_Up in installer mode, something that I use almost every day to configure and experiment with my system, together with MyHome_Suite. This is vital … and it’s not working:

1) it scans the actual configuration of your devices from MHS1, but the room association (which was done by MyHome_up) is lost.

2) Hue bridge is lost (it was lost in MyHome_up too, see my old thread with Hue lamps and MHS1 … the bridge often becomes unavailable). If I try to insert a new Hue object, it looks for the bridge and can’t find it.

3) You cannot create object in the rooms using the devices that are already configured (by either MyHome_Up or MyHome_Suite). You need to reset them and do the configuration from scratch.

4) Scenarios are lost too, since you can’t add objects using the devices that are already configured.

5) You cannot test the configuration using H+P (only for scenarios). You can only test in the field or by H+C, but when you do so, the room in H+P is emptied of all devices. Then you cannot modify it, neither from H+P, since it is disappeared, nor from H+C, since you are not an installer.

6) H+P desktop is not working (says “work in progress, coming soon, user-not-allowed page. Note that I was forced to login as a different user for H+P, where I am the installer with just one projects, and for H+C, where I am the user with two houses (one from Netatmo termoregulation, which still works, the other from Bticino MHS1, which does not work at all). Moreover, the graphic (and the use) of H+P is much worse than that of MyHome_Up installer on a tablet.

… waiting for the firmware, but I agree with @marcdevinci … stability and scenarios handling are my biggest pains. Next come Philips Hue lamps, which for me were working erratically with MHUp and still are with H+P. H+P requires big improvements to substitute MHUp in installer mode.

Can I also ask has anyone had issues trying to control their audio system? On myhome_up I use to have my audio system F502 and the F441M controlled via the app however since migrating all my audio is now gone. Which is very annoying as one some speakers I physically do not have a button to press. If I go straight to the amplifier I can turn it on but not change the source. This has been my biggest issue and I have played around with the Home + Project app and it can not add myhome audio.


Just got firmware 2.60.41. Do not know what changed. Still cannot delete some scenarios and still strange behaviours with them…

Since I added my Sonos Speakers to the app everything stopped working, I’ve been told by the local representative that they are aware of this bug and it will be fixed by the end of this month. AFAIK, a bug update supposed to be released by the end of the month to fix all major bugs.

Same here with the firmware-update to 2.60.41 – seems like those updates are done automatically and you can’t opt out anymore.

Hue is still not working though, can’t find any hub.

Yes, I confirm, firmware updates seem to be applied during the night for me, without notifications nor information. BTW. Would be great to have some release notes or change logs… but I guess that I’m dreaming?

On this official page, it still points to FW version 2.41.2 (See here) and never saw any change logs.


I’m waiting for an answer to know if, following the migration to Netatmo’s infrastructure, they also adopted their firmware update process (automatic OTA). It’s also possible that, facing the issues to solve, they decided to proceed by automatic updates until bugs are fixed

Concerning changelogs … it will be difficult to publicly provide them I think as it’s mainly technical and internal information. I’ll keep you informed about these points

Have a good day,

Leslie – Community Manager

And I have now the answer :

Firmware updates for MHS1 will now be automatically sent without user consent, it will be totally transparent for end-users. According to the features, it will be done either for 100% of installations or progressively

Have a good day,

Leslie – Community Manager


I am on version 2.60.41 now, but still not abele to upgrade to Home + Connect.

can you advice on the date when this will be possible ?



I confirm.

2.60.41 and no news here. Is there a way to remove the plant from H+C and start the whole process from scratch? Would this be of use? If so, is this the right moment?

I personally would not mind to rewrite scenes (I have a few) and the configuration of all the devices (except hue lights … but they weren’t working even before the migration!) comes from MyHome Suite, so if anything gets wrong I can reconfigure the whole system in a blink (I did this many times already!)


I assume they have disabled the migration process because of all reported issues.

I have unfortunately upgraded and it’s a nightmare… So I know it looks to be an amazing upgrade, but be patient and keep your current setup without migrating! If I would have the choice, I’ll roll back without any hesitation. My installation is completely frozen. Happily, I can correct some stuff with MyHome_Suite, but for creating groups and scenarios, it’s dead for now…



Is it still possible to retrieve A PL addresses in H+P?

Thank you


Is it possible to get the A PL address in H+P?

Hello David,

What a tiny world 🙂
I did a port scan and several tests, but I didn’t find a way to get that information… Fortunately, MyHome_Suite still works to retrieve some information but it’s not enough at all…

As my home is still more or less completely unusable because of the ton of bugs (especially faulty/no synchronisation between H+C and H+P and duplication rooms over and over), does anyone have a link to the H+P desktop version? Maybe this one is less buggy….

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