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Open Lock outside the app "Door Entry"


in a multi-apartment house we are using the device "CLASSE100 X16E". In cooperation with the app the device works great so far. What I am missing is an integration into other SmartHome Systems.

There is an DoorEntrySDK which is limited to Android and iOS. Why this limitation? Will there be ever support for other platforms?

In the end my target is to open the door via Siri. Leslie has already stated that the current Bticino devices cannot be integrated into HomeKit because of the display resolution restrictions. But why does the app not contain the possibility for Siri Shortcuts. In that way the users could create their own Siri command/short command.

For my understanding the basic idea of a smart door lock is great. But the current implementation is  a kind of island.

I understand that a smart door lock is always a security risk. And giving Siri the possibility to open a lock may increase risk. But when you stand fully packed in front of the door you maybe want to take the risk and just want to ask Siri to open the door.

As a workaround I wanted to use a Shelly to trigger the door opener from my "CLASSE100 X16E". Unfortunately there is no connector on the device for implement that 🙁

Are there any plans at Legrand to open the Door Openers to other platforms?

-> multi-platform API?

-> Siri ShortCut integration?



Hi Michael,

Indeed, I understand the current SDK for lock opening is too limited for a correct third-party implementation. In the idea, I think this product wasn't thought to be widely interoperable - contrary to other of our solutions - but to be used via our application (possible security issues you mentioned by letting a third-party app interact with your lock is for sure also a reason)

As far as I know, there are no plans to provide Siri shortcuts interoperability. But I'll forward your message to the Product Manager and developer's team

Have a good day,

Leslie - Community Manager

Hello Leslie,

thanks for your reply. I think you know that your answer is not was I was hoping for. Several entries in this forum show that there are many more users who desire a full functional API for third party integration. That this is not impossible (even for security related devices) show other smart lock manufacturers like Nuki or Tedee. Both companies are offering an API. As far as I know Tedee offers a HomeKit integration (currently in beta state).

I would like to encourage Legrand/Btcino to rethink the API strategy.

As a workaround I am thinking about soldering a Shelly device to the door opener Button of my "CLASSE100 X16". The Shelly device can be integrated in a wide range of third party apps. In conclusion it means to make an already smart device "smarter". Sound very strange to me...

Best regards



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