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Switch ON LED, on switchs/lights wireless devices


The wireless devices have a LED indicator, but it is always disabled (maybe to save battery), as a new function I suggest to activate the functions that are already included in the switchs/lgghts with the firmware version 32 of devices wired:

1/ the function to enable the indicator led for you will find the device in the dark

2/ and the function to enable the indicator led on power light

There are several scenarios in which you have to be useful, for example when you mix in a frame 4 devices together and at least there is 1 wireless, with led off, it does not differ from the rest in the dark.

The wired devices have the firmware version 32 and the wireless devices have the version 25, i don’t know if there is a new version or a more recent update can be forced, but it is interesting that the wireless devices have these the same two functions than the wired devices.

Thank you


P.D: And that you can configure the LED colors, as I commented in the previous topic

Hello Pablo,

Indeed, the LED on wireless devices is deactivated for battery saving reasons. But it could be interesting to let the choice between LEDs always ON or not (which would have a more important impact on battery’s life of course)

I confirm you that the firmwares versions you mention are the last in date

Have a good day,

Leslie – Community Manager

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