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Arteor with Netatmo Homekit Integration and Capability

Hello, noob questions re the Arteor with Netatmo System

1. Is a fan controller on the horizon? There is currently no supported ceiling fan HomeKit system in Australia. Your fine system is about perfect for my needs as a project solution, and I was pleasantly stunned when it was launched in Australia, but the lack of ceiling fan control is a deal breaker. I'm aware that there are dumb (non smart) fan control modules for arteor, but having to get out of bed to turn a fan on and off is a bit 20th century!

2. Can a fixed switch be wired with voltage input, but no output, then be used with HomeKit automations to control another function. Turning on a TV for example. How are the switches represented in the HomeKit app. Can each switch be used in automations, does it support double press etc.

3. What is the amperage limit of the curtain/blind hardwired switch, can it handle an exterior roller shutter? 10A?

Many thanks to all, some great content on here!


Hello Paul,

Here are the answers to your questions :

  1. Yes, it's planned for quarter 1 2022
  2. To do it, we need a HomeKit certification. It's planned to have it during quarter 3 2021
  3. The maximum possible power is 500VA (2,2 Amp) that is traditionally more than enough for an exterior roller shutter (that is usually max 400VA)

Have a good day,

Leslie - Community Manager

Thanks so much for the prompt reply!! What I might do re the fans then is to install arteor dumb ones for now then swap them out later.

q3 is also fantastic, I will liaise with the manufacturer and find out their current draw.
As to question 2. How are the switches exposed in the apple home app. I have never found a screenshot of it, just the home+. As this says it is compatible with HomeKit, surely it appears as a light of some description? I should be able to set an automation to do other things when that light is turned on?



thanks again


Hello Paul,

I took some screenshot of the app, hoping it will help you (it's in french but you will understand). You can also set automation :




Have a good day,

Leslie - Community Manager

Hello there, did that certification for HomeKit happen? The one which will allow us to set an automation from one of the buttons?

also, is the fan controller still on track for q1 2022?

many thanks



Hello Paul,

We received Apple's authorization for certification a few days ago. According to the roadmap, the feature should arrive in a few weeks as there are still some use cases to test and implement

The fan controller is still planned for beginning 2022 in our roadmap

Have a good day,

Leslie - Community Manager

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