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Homekit curtain roller/shutter %

I have Legrand Valena Next curtain roller but I’m not able to control the opening/closing percentage from HomeKit or the native app. Is it in development or any beta that I could get access to?

Hey Leslie, is controlling % feature still on track for mid July? I’m counting on it.

Hi CyberMr,

According to the developers, the feature is already available in HomeKit

Maybe an update is needed ?

Have a good day,

Leslie - Community Manager

Hi Leslie,

When was this released, could you clarify? Unfortunately I cannot control bridge/switches updates, as its being done automatically by you guys. Right now I have Valena Next - Bridge v151 and Switch v41 and the % feature is not there.

Is it possible that you confirm in which version this features is or will be available?


Any news or updates on my last post?


I'm also looking forward for the functionality. I have two roller shutter controlers and percentage open/close is not working even on HomeKit/Smart Control I expect it should ask for some calibration I had more Shelly devices which were calibrating (counting time I guess to know on which position the roller shutter is) I was thinking I can replace all Shelly devices to Legrand which is better quality in my opinion but I'm disappointed by luck of this functionality so far. So holding my horses before I spend a lot of money for your devices due to lack of such important feature.

Could you please tell me when I can expect this feature to be working and how I can check it is available for my roller shutter cuntrolers have the software version: 41 installed I'm using the iOS 14.6


I finally got a better feedback from the teams :

This feature is indeed available for NLLV switches (LivingNow range)

For other ranges as Arteor, Dooxie or Valena next (NLV switches) it's a bit more complicated to implement. It's in beta test on our side and the feature is planned to be released by the end of the year (november or december)

Have a good day,

Leslie - Community Manager

Thank you Leslie for clarification so I can plan more spendings on your great hardware when the software is able to satisfy my requirements (I woudn't expect such improtant feature is not present in so expensive device - Shelly is 10 times cheaper) but I understand testing is not easy and appreciate how much attention you are putting to testing your software before releasing it to customers.

I'm very disappointed to hear that this feature is being delayed again. I bought Legrand Valena Next - Roller Shutter controller more than 2 years ago, and at that time controlling % feature was being promised as "in development". I keep reading that the feature is half a year away all the time, it seems that there is a hardware limitation, and Legrand doesn't want to admit it.

As was commented in the previous post, I'm moving away from Legrand, I will be replacing it with a more complete solution such as Shelly 2.5 that has this feature available out of the box.

Hi, I fully agree with CyberMr. Controlling % feature was promissed more than a year ago. I gave up waiting and moved most of my home to Shelly as well.

I'm still waiting but having both solutions. I was thinking to replace all my Shelly devices to the Legrand solution so I'm hoping at least in December I can use this feature and replace more switches with the Legrand devices. But I agree waiting a year for such basic and important feature might be frustrating. Keeping my fingers crossed to see this option soon 🙂

Hi Legrand !

Do you have any news about the functionality of managing sequential openings / closings in percentage?

Can you also confirm that this feature will be present on Celiane with Netatmo?

Regarding the roadmap, are the development teams thinking of releasing the functionality at the end of this year?


Thanks !

Hello Gauthier,

According to the roadmap I have, it's still planned for the end of this year. It will also include Céliane "... with Netatmo" range

Have a good day,

Leslie - Community Manager

Hi Leslie !

Any news for this functionnality ?

Have a good day,

Hello Gauthier,

I just had some news : this feature is postponed to Q2 2022. It will arrive at the same time in Home + Control application and HomeKit

Have a good day,

Leslie - Community Manager

Hello Leslie

Would this feature also be available for Valena Life with Netatmo Roller Shutters?



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