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Wireless switches not updating

I have some wireless switches, some double wireless switches, and some wired switches.

The double wireless and the wired are updated, however, the wireless switches don’t update their firmware.

So some of the when pressing the button toggle, and some turn off or on.

It is a mess.

How can I to force update the wireless switches?

Which one? I’m also annoyed with the new behavior. But the only solution I found is to not use the binding or double press which is buggy.

I am using the double press. Since that’s the only solution that Legrand has.


Same issue on several single and double wireless switch!

Very disappointed about that issue.

Could you please ask development team to add in “home+ application” the possibility to launch a manual OTA firmware update of Legrand components?

it shall be a high priority task because this downgrade  brand image of Legrand Corp.


Have a nice Day





Hi Olivier,

On my side, I forward this kind of request (you’re not the first one to ask for it) to the Product Manager. It’s done but I don’t know if it something they plan to do

Have a good day,

Leslie – Community Manager


I tried to read all the thread but it seems that there is not a final solution. Recently I have added a new wireless switch to my network but it is stille at version 42 while the other ones are at 60. Then I cannot see the new one in homekit.

That said, is there any way to update it?

Hello Leslie

I am facing the same issue with a wireless roller shutter switch (Valena Life with Netatmo)

This particular switch is on version 60 while all the others are on version 63.

With this firmware version (60) I am not able to configure which wired roller shutter I want to control. In version 63 there’s a “configuration section” where we can specify the “controlled product”, but with version 60 this configuration section does not exist.

I tried dozen of times to pair the wireless roller shutter with the wired roller shutter switch following this procedure:   but it does not work

Is there anything you can do to help me ?


Guilherme Bastos



Hello Guilherme,

I see that this product is already recognized in your installation but not reachable. It can explain why the update is not done (not reachable) and why you can’t link it to your wired product

Did you try to reset it with a long press on the EZ button ? (at least 10 seconds). Then, open the gateway network with the up/down click on the Home/Away switch, and finally retry to link wireless switch to the wired one. The update to v.63 should then arrive in the next 48 hours

If it really still don’t work, you will have to contact the Customer Support of your country

Have a good day,

Leslie – Community Manager

Hi Leslie,

Yes I tried several times without success. The reset is done (the light turns amber and then pink) but it doesn’t work. Opening the gateway network and try to link/pair the wireless switch with the wired one is the procedure I mentioned in my previous post and it doesn’t work.

Can you please confirm the contacts of the Customer Support in Portugal ?





Hi again,

That’s strange, normally pink/purple for this device is linked to ZigBee 3.0 networks and not Legrand gateway network

I advise you to call directly Legrand Eléctrica, S.A. to be guided in the process. All contacts here :

Have a good day,

Leslie – Community Manager

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