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Legrand wireless switch on homekit without wired switch


Is there any reason why wireless switch cannot be used autonomously and exposed to homekit without using a wired switch? That way the switch could be used to control other homekit accessories or scenes eg.. Hue lights. This is possible using a custom zigbee hub, so why not with the original one?

Hi Leslie,

I don’t understand why the gateway technically cannot integrate Green Power Zigbee stack, as certainly Philips Hue do it. So, by definition it is technically possible.

So, I’ll add my voice to wanting this feature.




Hello Siobhan,

As I understood it’s linked to a hardware limitation of the gateway itself making it unable to support this stack

As usual, I forward your message to the relevant teams, but I think it will be just impossible to integrate it

Have a good day,

Leslie – Community Manager


So I bought a non green power switch in order to have the HomeKit support.

However after completing the installation of the gateway, the remote switch and the wireless switch, I still don’t see the wireless switch in HomeKit.

I saw in this thread It could be a version issue but even with an up to date version (70) and after a couple of days, the wireless switch is still not visible in the Home app.

So Leslie, if you could help me, it would be nice 🙂

Last thing. If I well understood, the wireless switch can not be unlinked from the remote switch, right?

Is it a “feature” present in the roadmap? Because for my use case, I would like to use this wireless switch to turn off Hue lights, or Eve plugs.



Hello Jimmy,

What is the reference of the wireless switch ? Also, do you have other Legrand devices exposed in HomeKit ? Did you try to perform a HomeKit reset ?

One or several wireless switches can be linked to a wired switch. Wireless switches are just repeaters, the “intelligence” is set in the wired device. So, in a network with a Legrand gateway, it’s mandatory to have a wired switch

Wireless switches are ZigBee 3.0 compatible. You can use them to manage other ZigBee 3.0 compatible devices from other brands in a dedicated ZigBee network (a ZigBee gateway must be used, and as it’s not in the Legrand network you can’t use Home + Control app with it)

Have a good day,

Leslie – Community Manager

Thank you for your reply.

To reply to your questions:

  • The reference of my wireless switch is 067723A.
  • Yes. A remote switch, ref: 412170
  • I didn’t try the reset. Il will try that this week-end.

I understand the logic behind but if I understood well, it’s the gateway that relay the order from the wireless switch to the remote/wired switch. Moreover, the wireless switch can be exposed in HK. It would mean if the Control application allows to have a wireless switch without link to a wired switch, it should be possible to use the wireless switch as a “HK switch” . I guess it’s not so simple from a development point of view but it seems possible from a technical point of view.

About the Zigbee compatibility, thank you for the reminder, but if I can avoid to have another gateway, it would be better. And I prefer to have all my device in HomeKit. Just to simplify how it works.

Regarding compatibility, do you know if there is a plan for being compatible with Matter/Thread in the future.



Hi Jimmy,

This request was started 3 years ago. I would encourage you to browse the “Requested Features” forum to get a general idea of how many requests make it to production.

Your best chance at creating the installation that suits you is to use Home Assistant and a zigbee dongle. Many items that are noted as technical limitations are achievable through Home Assistant.


I’m fully aware about the chance to have my request coming in a future release. But in the other hand, if nobody gives feedback about what they wait for, the chances are lower ;).

Concerning Home assistant, it’s clearly a solution I want to avoid. I have no doubt about the quality of the solution but I don’t want to have another system to manage.

Anyway thank you for the suggestion.


Hello Jimmy,

The 067723A should correctly work in HomeKit. A HK reboot of the Gateway should clean the installation to make it appear

Indeed, our developers did a dedicated development to allow ZED (wireless switches) to work in HomeKit without a ZR (wired switch) and act as a HomeKit accessory. For this, we had to follow the HomeKit Accessory Protocol. As far as I know, having this same behavior with our Gateway is not something planned

Concerning Matter, official communications will be done if something evolves

Have a good day,

Leslie – Community Manager

« <span style=”caret-color: #545354; color: #545354; font-family: ‘Source Sans Pro’, sans-serif; font-size: 18px; -webkit-text-size-adjust: auto;”>Indeed, our developers did a dedicated development to allow ZED (wireless switches) to work in HomeKit without a ZR (wired switch) and act as a HomeKit accessory. For this, we had to follow the HomeKit Accessory Protocol. »</span>

It’s exactly what I want. But when you have linked the wireless switch to a wired switch the application doesn’t allow to do an unlink. And I don’t even know if it’s possible to install a wireless switch without linking it to a wired switch

But I was able to unlink the wireless switch by removing the wired switch of my installation. And then I add the wired switch.
And now I have the wireless switch which can execute any HomeKit scene without interacting with the wired switch.

So for instance I can execute via the switch a scene turning on Hue lights and my TV and the wired switch doesn’t do anything.

To finish, I never wanted to have the gateway in HomeKit.

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